If I hadn’t given birth to a photographer’s baby, it never would’ve occurred to me to enlist a professional to take my kid’s picture. I have a cell phone camera. Most of the people who associate with my baby have cell phone cameras of equivalent Jobsian value. My baby’s life could be sufficiently documented on the same device I use to track my period and check the weather in California.

Little did I know! Listen up, people. I highly recommend procreating with photographers. They may not make a ton of money and they may bore you to tears talking about light even when you’re lying in the dark, but your family’s historical record will be incalculably enhanced by their creative skill set. Alternatively you could reproduce with someone who has a stable, high-paying job and then just shell out a few hundred dollars a year for family portraits, but to each his own. I don’t regret the route I took. I’ve always been good at love and money.


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