Last week Matt and I had the privilege of photographing climbers at Rocky Top gym in Charlottesville. We both loved the energy of this place. It’s a gym where doctors can decompress by scaling walls after long shifts at UVA Hospital, and a haven where kids can release their simian energy after endless days at school. Plus, if indoor rock climbing isn’t your thing, you can lift weights, play racquetball, orĀ dangle from the ceiling like the aerialist below. Sadly, I didn’t get to try out the facilities during our shoot. Our meathead baby was asleepĀ in a sling on my chest the entire time, clearly exhausted by all the proximate physical activity. But we’ll be back! I’ll suggest Mommy & Me climbing classes to management.


Turning a wall into a work of art.


Reaching for the ceiling after school.


An aerialist perfects her form.


This photo was taken 300 feet in the air.