Our last two shoots in New York happened to take place in the city’s most iconic locations: Central Park and Times Square. We decided that the Bean was still too young to have the sweltering heat inflicted on her, so I stayed home to babysit while Matt and his assistant Jason tackled the humidity. The photos were amazing both times. Perhaps I should play hooky from work more often?


Even the grumpiest New Yorkers would roll out the red carpet for tourists if they all arrived with babies this cute.


Better than a helicopter ride over downtown.


I was heartbroken to miss cuddling this happy little guy!


Though maybe it’s a good thing I stayed home because I would have attempted to devour him whole, and nobody wants that.

If we had stayed in New York, we might have made a niche market out of shooting family vacation photos. It’s so much fun watching kids’ eyes light up in Times Square. When I’m by myself, I rarely see beyond the sidewalk congestion and panhandlers dressed in superhero costumes, but Matt tends to capture the magic of Midtown. He had a ball with these West Coast beauties. 


I was astounded that Matt pulled off this Abbey Road shot without getting yelled at by legions of cab drivers.


Being shy is never an option in Times Square!


When you’re from Southern California, a little drizzle is cause for celebration.


Freestyling on the Bryant Park Carousel.

We’ll still visit New York on occasion so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a shoot in mind. It’s the city where Matt and I met AND it’s our baby’s birthplace, so we’ll never stray too far from the Big Apple. We <3 you, NYC.