This week’s Great Husband Award goes to a wonderful man from Boston who surprised his stunning wife with both a weekend trip to New York City and a Park Life photo shoot to celebrate her birthday. We met the family near the boat pond in Central Park and they easily identified us in the crowd by the dozen white balloons I was carrying, not to mention the dirigible that is my pregnant belly. Our white balloon count dropped dramatically once various children began wandering up to our party with longing in their eyes. If anyone saw a number of strollers dragging white balloons through Central Park on Friday afternoon, you probably have us to thank.

Little S is annoyed with me for giving away her balloons.

Little S wondering why I would give away so many of her balloons.

Mom and Dad brought their daughter’s favorite tea set to the shoot, so we made the girls a picnic in the grass. The scene looked like a storybook come to life.

Invisible tea with the sweetest company.

Invisible tea with the sweetest company.

S wasn’t quite walking yet, but she still put on a good show for Matt’s camera.

The cuteness! If I hadn't already eaten so many of her cupcakes, I'd want to gobble her up.

The cuteness! If I hadn’t already eaten so many of S’s cupcakes, I’d want to gobble her up.

We took a lot of pictures of mother and daughter, but we also couldn’t resist pulling the birthday girl aside for a few glamour shots of her own.

Happy birthday to this fairy tale momma!

Happy birthday to a fairy-tale momma! We loved spending the afternoon with you and yours!