Last week Matthew and I were honored to take pictures of an utterly delightful, tight-knit family of photogenic goofballs as they made their way around Midtown Manhattan. Mom, Dad, and kids all have theater experience, so when we gave them directions like, “You’re kooky tourists hailing an invisible cab,” they’d immediately jump into character.


Times Square is but their stage…

If we’d done the shoot in the family’s hometown, the kids might have felt self-conscious about drawing the attention of strangers on the sidewalk, but we assured them that nobody bats an eye in New York City, no matter how ridiculous you act in public.

"You're in a Broadway musical! This is your big family song and dance number!"

“You’re in a Broadway musical! This is your big family song and dance number!”

Sometimes the intrusive LED billboards conspire with you, not against you. "Love is on" indeed.

Sometimes the intrusive LED billboards of Times Square conspire with you, not against you. “Love is on” indeed.

The kids are both big readers, but our quick tour of the New York Public Library didn’t yield a single book sighting. At least we had the revolving doors for entertainment.

"Let's go around again!"

“Let’s go around again! I’m on vacation!”

And finally we reached the American Girl Store, also known as Child Tourist Nirvana. I’m still not sure if it was the dolls or the central heating that made the kids so excited to be there after our freezing walk—we were just glad to capture the moment of Ascension.


“Brunch!” (I wish that I could still feel this way about anything.)

Matt and I would follow this family to the ends of the earth, chronicling every sweet, affectionate, and hilarious moment. They were such a joy to shoot, even outside, in February, in Times Square (what Mom called “the heart of darkness”). Now we just need to get invited on their next vacation. Might I suggest the Bahamas?