The more baby photo sessions I chronicle here, the more synonyms I’ll have to come up with for “adorable”, “precious”, “darling”, etc. But fortunately for the babies we shoot in the early days of our business, my adjectives are still relatively fresh. These pilot babies get to be the archetypes of cute. They are the Platonic ideals of adorable. They are…well, let me just let Saturday’s pictures of little E speak for themselves.


Dad is used to working on construction sites, but one-month old E is his most important hands-on project yet.


E awaits her next instructions. “I get that I’m supposed to look amazing, but then what? Give me a real challenge.”


Whenever little E started getting tired of being manhandled by her photographers, she only needed to cuddle briefly with Mom or Dad and all was right with the world again.


Oh hello. I’m just hanging out in my blankie, inviting comparisons to an angel, no big deal.